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Haigh Lyon

Inspired by the Waitematā, this workplace is crafted to embody a business identity mirroring; brand, ethics, and a vibrant workplace culture. Designed to provide clients with relaxed waiting and meeting spaces, these sit alongside dynamic and lively workspaces that resonate with the spirit of the organisation.

Haigh Lyon Lawyers is a practice that prides itself on being approachable and dependable. As they often work alongside clients in challenging circumstances, it was important to have spaces where clients could feel comfortable and at ease. Using the blue tones from views of the Waitematā, a coastal luxurious vibe is created, similar to a day spa, to help put their clients at ease.

Workspaces are designed to reflect Haigh Lyon’s open and collaborative workstyle while patterns, textures and colours are used to create fun and playful breakout spaces while existing furniture pieces were refurbished to preserve ties to the practice’s heritage.