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Tasked with created a new home for the church, this project was about maximization. How could we make the most of a prominent yet compact site, bring as much of the church’s diverse operations under one roof, and embody the spirit of the church - one of openness and inclusivity. The new Kingdomcity campus is the result.

At the heart of this 3,200m2 building is the auditorium. With the ability to seat over 720 people, this multi-functional space provides a full audio and visual experience for parishioners or for events for those who have hired the space.

The consideration of acoustics was critical so that the auditorium should perform for a variety of uses. It was also critical so that the childcare, capable of teaching 98 children and located on the floor below, could operate without disturbance. Add in the surrounding function spaces, office suite for the church’s team, and a café to serve the surrounding business park - this building not only provides a flourishing home for the church but also creates a community focal point for the surrounding neighbourhood.