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Richmond Road School Redevelopment

Richmond Road School's masterplan development is a fusion of tradition and innovation. The project combines the adaptive re-use of historic buildings with the creation of new modern learning environments. The result is a dynamic and environmentally responsive learning space that marries the old with the new, setting the stage for future projects aimed at meeting the evolving needs of urban education.

Six new ILE classrooms seamlessly connect to a redeveloped heritage-listed historic classroom block via an innovative "linkway" building, fostering an environment that is both responsive and engaging. The reimagined c1920s administration wing stands as a bold and modern school entrance, encompassing extended spaces like the library, new-entrant classrooms, and administration and staff facilities. As the redevelopment of the school continues, stage one establishes the school's commitment for a blend of indoor and outdoor learning spaces, aligning perfectly with the evolving needs of future-generation learners.